New sporting Equipment for Papetoai’s School

The Moorea Dolphin center has always been involved with the local community and especially with kids.

Located in Papetoai, the Center has decided to donate sports equipment to the primary school of the village allowing 200 kids, aged from 5 to 11 years old, to discover and learn the practice of 4 new sports.

Paint has been refreshed on the sports ground, nets have been replaced  and 16 basket balls, 12 volley balls, 130 square feet of tatami mats for gymnastics and wrestling have been offered.

To thank the Moorea Dolphin Center,  the school  head teacher Lydie Faatau, organized a beautiful ceremony with traditional songs and a beautiful vegetal ribbon for the officials to cut off : Gloria Trafton, mayor of Papetoai, Jérôme Teauri in charge of the culture and Patrick Albert representing the minister of Education were  attending the celebration.

The team of the Moorea Dolphin Center also participated to the ceremony on October 25th, 2016 helping the kids to learn about those new activities …A beautiful moment of sharing, Mauru’uru