Discovering humpback whales…

The main goal of the Moorea Dolphin Center is to educate, share and raise awareness about the protection of our environment.

Since 2016 our center is involved in the local whale watching monitoring and conservation program. Every year from July to October the humpback whales are migrating from the South Pole to French Polynesia waters to reproduce and give birth. To better understand those magnificent animals and their migration our educators / trainers are now involved as Tour Guides on the whale watching boat tours as Pacifik Atittude Company.

This project is allowing us to increase everybody’s knowledge on marine life, to share amazing moments during the tour but also to raise people awareness on how to approach and protect those gentle giants and their environment.

Every tour guide has been trained to observe and monitor those animals which allow us to contribute to the data collection registered on the official site of the French Polynesia Board of Environment and the Cetacean Observatory.


Volunteer for Te mana o te moana

To strengthen the partnership with the Te mana o te moana foundation the Moorea Dolphin Center sends a trainer – educator every week end at the Clinic so they can propose a free presentation to the public visiting.  Diverse subjects are addressed:

  • Who are Sea Turtles ?
  • What different species can be found in French Polynesia and worldwide?
  • What are the threats to sea turtles in French Polynesia?
  • How can we help protect and preserve those emblematic animals?

To help and support the Te mana o te moana foundation, make a donation online.