Social Action – Festive Day for children of Moorea

November 24th,2017 – As part of the International Day for Protection of Children on November 20th, 2017, the Moorea Dolphin Center organized an early Christmas celebration party for 30 kids of the island of Moorea.

The day started with a special brunch offered by Monsieur Hélière, general manager of the de l’InterContinental Resort & Spa hotel.  Then the kids joined different group activities allowing them to play while learning about the environment: painting with Bernie, board games with Te mana o te moana, snorkeling and dolphin encounter …a very fun afternoon finishing with a special show from Nani and Pinpin the clowns.

We want to thank the InterContinental Resort & Spa Hotel and the Te mana o te moana foundation for their support. Also special thanks to the artists Bernie, Nani and Pinpin the Clowns for their dedication and of course to all the kids and teachers for their energy and enthusiasm.