It’s only by raising awareness of the problems affecting our natural environment that we will be able to protect it, preserve it as well as all the living species from the dangers of extinction.

It’s with that goal in mind that the Moorea Dolphin Center wanted to take action in educating the children’s of French Polynesia, who have such an important role for the future of our planet.

In collaboration with the Intercontinental Moorea Resort & Spa Hotel and the non profit organization Te Mana O Te Moana, the Moorea Dolphin Center propose educational programs to the local schools of French Polynesia so they can learn about cetaceans, their ecosystem and the dangers affecting their natural environment.


Education at the heart of our philosophy

The Moorea Dolphin Center, educational center of French Polynesia on marine mammals has just created 3 educational cards for the public.

Discover thanks to them:

The anatomy of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

The male / female difference in this species

The five characteristics of mammals.

All these sheets are available for free on our website, so do not hesitate to use them around you (at home, at school, with friends …)

Te mana o te moana

The Moorea Dolphin Center also supports the actions of Te Mana O Te Moana association in the conservation, research field and educational projects.

Those projects are based on developing communication and proposing on site educational programs based on the marine environment protection, the biodiversity of the fauna and flora of French Polynesia and in the world

Educational resources

Guide for observing dolphins and whales in French Polynesia : Part 1 & Part 2

Cetaceans of French Polynesia

Tohora, humpback whale who are you ?

Kids recreation

Kids recreation is an educational program focused on marine life diversity, marine ecosystems, marine fauna’s characteristics, its feeding habits, food chain, and whales migration

The program uses a variety of educational tools, and the participants also spend some time observing the dolphins from the water edge

The program’s content have been designed according to the National educational standards, and validated by the DEP (department of primary schools) of French Polynesia.

The duration and contents of the program vary according to the level of the class (maximum 2h30 long).

For any inquiry or booking, please contact:

Vie Stabile – Education officer
Te Mana O Te Moana
Tel: 40 56 40 11