Discover the Giants of the Ocean

Every year from July to November, French Polynesia becomes an ideal site for humpback whale’s observation as they migrate from the South Pole to warm tropical waters to reproduce, give birth and retreat in favorable conditions with the newborn calves.

In order to share a maximum amount of information’s on these magnificent animals and insure a respectful approach of the cetaceans, the Moorea Dolphin Center started this season to work in collaboration with Pacifik Attitude Tour Company. During this first year of operation, our guides were able to track 185 observations of 7 different marine mammals’ species.

The development of this new project for the conservation of marine wildlife allowed our team to develop their knowledge of the local marine mammal population, raise awareness for our guest’s and share amazing moments observing and discovering these gentle giants.

All the data collected has been registered through the official data base of the Environment’s Management Office and shared with the Cetacean Observatory of French Polynesia.

Here’s a selection of pictures and a sample of underwater whale songs recorded from our tours.